Management Services


Bentwood Properties provides management and leasing services for a wide array of properties. After conducting an extensive market analysis, our property team positions each property correctly in its market and develops aggressive marketing campaigns as well as effective tenant retention programs. Time and again, our occupancy levels and rental rates outperform the market. We are known for taking under performing properties and turning them around. Our hands-on approach expedites the lease-up process by minimizing make-ready time and maximized income for investors.

Tenant Screening

We PROTECT you by screening prospective tenants and renting only to the most qualified. Applicants are evaluated based on their credit, criminal history, employment, current & prior landlord verification and prior evictions history.

Financial Reporting

Identifying a property’s financial trends is vital to maintaining profitability. Computer & Internet based technology allows us to provide detailed financial analysis and prompt reporting to property owners. Reports provided include: income & expense summary, expense detail, maintenance detail, tenant data, payment history, monthly and year to date cash flow, depreciable expenses and incident logs.

Tenant Relations

The key to consistently high occupancy levels and efficient property management is in the retention of satisfied tenants. Any tenant complaint receives immediate attention.


Maintenance is one of the largest potential expenses of rental property. Therefore, we maintain an in house maintenance department. Supplier and contractor bids qualifications are reviewed regularly and competitive bids are solicited for all major repairs. All properties are physically inspected at regular intervals to insure the highest standards of maintenance.

Construction Management

Whether performing a minor face-lift or a major renovation, Bentwood Properties is experienced at helping clients generate a better return on their investments by directing their renovation dollars where they will have the greatest impact on income stream and property value.

Market Analysis

Your lease rate is going to be determined by several market factors including the condition of the property and location. After conducting a market rental analysis we will advise you of the most likely monthly rental amount.


Rent Collection

We encourage tenants to use our online portal to make payments online by bank draft or credit/debit card. If they prefer they may come into our office or drop off payments in our secure lockbox after hours.

If rent is not paid by the third day of the month, our staff will contact the tenant for payment.


We advertise in a variety of ways. We position ourselves aggressively within google, using key word searches that gives us an advantage in rental searches. Our website is kept up-to-date with vacancies. We also use social media like Facebook and Instagram to advertise our vacancies. Zillow, Hot pads and Trulia have also been proven as a success to reach a variety of potential applicants both locally moving and relocations. Of course, the best referrals come from word of mouth! We get many referrals from our existing tenants or from our sister company Bentwood Realty.

Eviction Processing

When a tenant fails to pay rent, our staff will send the required notices to the tenant and handle the eviction process, including filing of all paperwork and going to court on your behalf. Any court fees and eviction costs are charged to the property account, and the tenant’s security deposit is forfeited to help defray those costs. If a balance exceeds the tenant’s deposit, we will use any and all means to collect the remaining balance, including filing with collections agencies.